Enablement Project

Angel Special Program

Angel Special Program

Angel Special Needs (ASP) is our Special Needs project which supports family with children with special needs. This program provides one2one support for all especially people of faith who struggles with the challenges of faith, healing and disability. It operates under 4 ‘C’ Church, Carers, Connect and Commit.

To enable is to provide adequate support in other for someone to access what they need. Our special need program provides robust support for family with children with special needs.

Carers Refresh Retreat

We provide respite provisions for carers to take time out to refresh at our Holiday home in Spain. We hold a ‘Chill, Chats and Cheers’ forum for carers twice a month where carers meet online to support each other and outings to help them connect with each other through regional meet and greet ‘Connect Groups’.


This is where we connect with others online or face2face through yearly conferences bringing children, parents and professionals together to address key issues as it affects raising child with special needs, the event also allow opportunity to showcase the gift and talent of the young people in a safe, fun and accepting environment. We also organise day trips such as museum, beach, cinema, theme parks etc where family can take children out together to support one another and remove the anxiety associated with outings. A forum for praying together once a month as faith plays a major role for some of our audience

Church Inclusive Workshop

This is where we hold ‘Ability Sundays’ in various churches to support equip them to support the community. We also run workshop to equip volunteers

Community Support

We build community spirit where we organise day out for children such as ‘Beach’, ‘Parks’ and Sip and Paints sessions during school holidays. We have regional WhatsApp groups to encourage people connecting with those who live locally to them and general special needs WhatsApp group where bigger community connect.

TFJ Carers Meeting (West London)

TFJ Carers Meeting (Kent)