About Us

Our Story

TFJ Started…

…as a regular monthly gathering of likeminded women in 2009 who would just come together to pray and share stories to encourage others. The monthly meeting developed into providing practical supports including counselling as women try to navigate their life challenges. Over the years our work evolved into family work, praying, and supporting those experiencing hardship including men and women living with disabilities. In 2021 we registered as a Charity organisation in England and Wales with charity no :1195225

Our history goes deep into the Bible in 1 Samuel 25, a story of a woman named Abigail. Abigail’s story is that of Hope and Restoration, despite the challenges of being married to a man the bible described as ‘wicked’ but her words, reactions and responses brought Joy to those around. Our name is taking from her story.

Our vision was taken from 1 Samuel 25 where we encounter a woman named Abigail. The meaning of Abigail is ‘Father’s joy’ or ‘Father’s delight.’ Abigail is a joy to the Father and the Father a joy to her. Abigail is wise & beautiful; she is a worshipper, a bountiful giver, also resourceful, humble, approachable, submissive, peaceable, prophetic, and accountable. From the Biblical account, we see that she remained her heavenly Father’s joy even during a difficult, oppressive, unthankful, abusive, neglectful, and foolish situation. Many people can relate to being part of a relationship, a society, its system, its politics but marginalised, unappreciated, undervalued and manipulated; but like Abigail we must not forget who we are and who we are accountable to. The home conditions were not right or ideal, but she continued to be the person of beauty and wisdom God has called her to be.

Like Abigail, we seek to help other people discover joy, experience joy, live and remain JOYFUL even in the midst of hardship of any kind. We particularly noticed the challenges faced by families raising people with additional needs, the challenge of shame, denial, guilt and how faith can pose both a hindrance and hope. Our seminars and teachings help people of faith to know that, it is ok to seek professional help early and access services available so their young person can reach their potentials.