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Many people particularly those from ethnic groups are disadvantaged and often feel disempowered economically, socially, due to years of institutionalisation and marginalisation. Our work seeks ways to empower those that access our services through business empowerment forums, financial well-being seminars, career development and vocational trainings

To provide Godly strength, wisdom and discernment to those we are called to serve through the manifesting presence, grace and love of God.


We believe in creating enabling environment that encourages our SEN children to thrive and flourish by providing range of activities, information and seminars that support them and bringing out their potentials.

We want to raise a people of significance and purpose, equipping them with every good and necessary thing so they can stand firm and complete in free to live an abundant life, and lacking nothing.


To bring consistent affirmation, re-assurance, support and care that instils Godly confidence to the fathers in our community so they can fulfil their roles and be present in the life of their children and family. We do this through our seminars and flagship award ceremony called Dinner4Dads. An award ceremony that celebrates outstanding fathers in the community.


We recognise the importance of education to give access and opportunity. We believe no child should have to go without a basic formal education due to economic disadvantage, and so, we provide educational sponsorships to children in Africa. We also provide educational materials that helps and improves learning for young people in Africa especially those with additional needs.